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Preparing for your first endurance ride Endurance riding is becoming ever more popular and it's easy to understand the appeal - speed, challenge, achievement and the opportunity to spend hours with our equestrian loved ones! 26 March
Reigning national champions
Is there a ‘right’ age to start horse riding? I've recently become a mum for the first time, and naturally I'd love my little Edward to share my passion for horses. Now at 3 months old he's obviously (arguably you may say!) far too young!! But it's got me thinking... 30 January
We’re back in the saddle! After a brief break Team Horsefinder is back and raring to go. And delighted to announce that private advertising of horses, horse boxes and horse equipment is now completely free! We’re in the process of developing a feature schedule, and look out for our informative articles, real life case studies and how-to guides. Please feel [...] 28 January
Eating like a horse – a guide to feeding your horse There are so many types of horse feed on the market that it's difficult to know where to begin. Get started with a read through this handy guide.
feeding your horse